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Agility Classes

Go Dogs offers a wide variety of agility classes. Everything ranging from a sequential class series that builds skills at the foundation level and works its way to the handling skills – to a class format where you can run courses with your dog and receive feedback/training ideas. Take a look at the classes we offer! Occasionally we also offer mini-sessions such as Contact/Weaves proofing, Jumping Boxwork, or intensive weave training. These will be advertised to current classes prior to the general public.



Foundations 1- Here is where your journey into agility begins! In F1, you will learn about shaping behaviors with your dog – which is something that you will use in your dog’s entire agility career. We work on relationship-building activities such as toy play, tugging, It’s Yer Choice games, and Crate Games. You will work on recalls by doing restrained recalls and games that build drive as your dog chases you.  Other skills like hand-end awareness activities and lots of shaping behaviors will be introduced here. This is a great starting place if you are interested in pursuing agility, or just building a better relationship with your dog!

Prerequisite: Intro to Go Dogs Class (1 class that lasts 1 hour)



Foundations 2- This is the next step when climbing the ladder to agility! In F2, you will go on to more advanced activities like restrained recalls with distractions, shaping more advanced behaviors, shaping obstacles such as the tunnel, table, and a plank. In this class we will begin our progression into contact behavior. This class is where we really cement the relationship between dog and handler through toy play and relationship games. We will work on sit/stays with distractions and begin the instruction on such important tools as Focus Forward, hand touches, and basic jump skills. Dogs will remain in this class until a good relationship with the handler has been reached, along with a rock solid sit/stay with distractions.

Prerequisite: Foundations 1 class with the basic understanding and knowledge of shaping, good relationship with dog, Crate games, instructor approval to move up


Obstacles class- After proving that dog and handler have a great relationship, it is now time to be working off leash in class with distractions.  Obstacles class is where we start learning obstacle performance – contacts, table, chute, tunnel, etc. Dogs learn to start finding their line, and there will be small sequences to test the dog’s understanding. It is in this class where you define your dog’s contact criteria – 2 on/2 off, or running? Focus forwarded is perfected here, as are leadouts and basic jump skills. We will work on jump grids, as well as introduce the basics to front crosses, rear crosses, threadles and serpentines. (These maneuvers will be perfected in the handling classes) 2 x 2 weaves will be trained, but it is up to the handler to train and work this skill away from class as well. In order to graduate to the Handling classes, dogs must perform all obstacles at a 85% success rate, rock-solid sit/stays, and have focus forward.

Prerequisite: Foundations 2 class, rock solid sit/stay, excellent relationship between dog and handler and the ability to work off-leash in class with distractions, instructor approval to move up.


Handler 1 class- Students that graduate from Obstacles class move on to H1.  This is the class where we go in depth into the handling needed to be successful at an agility trial.  H1 will cover all the basic skills, or “tools” needed for your handling toolbox.  Emphasis will be on sequence work, with the occasional longer course to see how it is all coming together.  By the time you are ready to graduate from H1, you will know exactly what tools work best for you and your dog. Such skills include: leadout pivots, front crosses, rear crosses, blind crosses, directional such as a ‘switch’ command, discriminations, threadles, 270s, and dog should have the ability to find lines.

Prerequisite: Obstacles class with 80% success rate on all obstacles, rock-solid sit-stays, and focus forward, instructor approval to move up.


Handler 2 class- H2 is the class where everything comes together….teams have the foundation skills, the obstacle skills and the handling skills to be able to maneuver through anything that can be thrown at them!  It is for the competition-minded handlers, who are looking for the blue ribbons, and enjoy being tested on what they have in their agility tool box.  We will include the “bread and butter” moves, as well as the current “sexy” moves that can make the difference between a winning run and just getting a “Q”.  We are always trying to find that fine line between success and failure, to keep raising the bar.  Want to win?  Come play with us!

Prerequisite: Handler 1 class, dog is proficient in handling skills, instructor approval to move up



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