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Obedience & Rally classes

Competition Obedience - Our goal is to prepare teams for Novice obedience competitions. The prerequisite for enrolling in this class is completion of Go Dogs Life Skills and/or Advanced Dog Training, or Go Dogs Rally classes,or a comparable competition class at another training facility or by permission of the obedience coordinator and the instructor. Skills required to enroll include focus on the handler, walking nicely on a loose leash, a recall, sit, down and stay.

Rally Obedience is a fun and exciting sport which the AKC calls a bridge between the Canine Good Citizen title and traditional competitive obedience. It is mostly just fun for everyone! Rally Obedience was created by taking the idea of a numbered course from Agility and exercises from competitive Obedience (and adding a few unique ones). Put those both together, and you have Rally Obedience. It is not as strict as formal competitive obedience; you can talk to and encourage your dog by patting your leg, give hand signals and verbally praise him/her in the ring. You can compete in Rally with purebred and mixed breed dogs in numerous venues: AKC (American Kennel Club), World Cynosport Rally ("WCR", formerly known as APDT (American Pet Dog Training Association)) and UKC (United Kennel Club) . If your dog is proficient with basic obedience exercises, including sit, down, controlled walking (walking beside you and not pulling), stays and finishes, then you are set to take Rally class.

Foundation of Competition Obedience will focus on building a solid foundation for competitive dog sports emphasizing  the exercises required in the competition obedience ring.  Prerequisites for enrollment include completion of Go Dogs' Life Skills class or a comparable class elsewhere or approval of venue coordinator and instructor.

Rally Fundamentals is a four-week introductory Rally class. Prerequisite: Completion of Go Dogs Life Skills class, Advanced Dog Training class or an equivalent class at another training facility and/or permission of the obedience venue coordinator and class instructor. In this class you will focus on basic skills (sit, down, recall, attention to handler, walk on leash without pulling, etc.). This class will focus on exercises that will be needed to enroll in our Novice Rally class. You will also be introduced to Rally signs and be given information on the various Rally venues available.

Rally Novice is our Rally class which prepares you and your dog for the exercises needed to perform the novice levels in the various Rally venues. The prerequisites for this class are completion of Rally Fundamentals and/or Advanced Dog Training class, an equivalent class at another training facility and/or permission of venue coordinator and class instructor. You will be working on additional exercises needed for success at the beginning levels of AKC, WRC, and UKC Rally, and then incorporating those exercises into full courses.

Rally Advanced class focuses on the advanced exercises necessary for those dog/handler teams to successfully compete at the higher levels in the various venues. The prerequisites for this class are: Go Dogs Novice Rally class or equivalent at another training facility, or any Rally titles from the various venues, and/or permission of the venue coordinator and class instructor.

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