Flyball Image Flyball is a high-speed relay sport dogs can play with a group of four dogs and their owners. A team competes against other teams to jump four hurdles, catch a ball and run back in succession until all four dogs have had their turn. The first team to run the race without making a mistake and in the fastest time WINS! Small, large, fast, slow, pure-breed or mixed breed, this is a sport for all dogs!

Here is a short video of some of our members a few years back that gives you an idea of how the game all comes together!

Flyball Recallers Class

This class will teach lots of variations of recalls. As the class progresses we up the ante and start the beginning stages of passing. This class is an essential way to get a jump start on your flyball training from the ground up. It is open to puppies and dogs of all ages as well. We will do a few sessions of shaping the flyball box. This is a fast paced fun class that offers lots of distractions while teaching your dog to drive to you quickly!

This will be primarily focused on getting fast dependable recalls with tons of distractions. It will be a super fast paced class with lots of running and will set the tone for your pups to go into flyball training ahead of the game! This class builds drive and helps to create an awesome performance pooch!

Check out this video from a previous class; a little taste of what your dogs will be learning…

Beginners Flyball Class

This class will teach the basics of flyball.
  • Learning course setup, lane choreography, and building blocks of flyball
  • Learning the lingo of flyball
  • Building a relationship with your dog. Your dog will learn that YOU are the most important part of the game
  • Develop tug drive and ball possession
  • Jump four jumps in a row (Focus on driving HARD and FAST to motivator)
  • Racing side-by-side while going straight to motivator
  • Passing an oncoming dog without chasing
  • Chasing another dog down the lane, while going to motivator
  • Learn to use Target board
  • Start developing a box turn

Advanced Flyball Class

The class objectives will depend on each individual dog. We will focus on:
  • Perfecting the box turn
  • You will learn how to move props and what they mean
  • Improve motivator importance
  • Motivation to and from the box
  • Increasing drive
  • Passing into another dog (depending on where each dog is in training)
  • Actually Racing!!

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