Person tugging with dog

Go Dogs, Inc. is a non-profit dog club. Our instructors are club members who have proven themselves in the ring; as well as, teaching many classes at Go Dogs and working with several types of dogs. We organize our classes so we are teaching you where you are currently with your dog personally, and not try a one size fits all method. Our training methods are 100% positive, reinforcing dogs for what we want them to continue to offer and training them through behaviors we may not want. We will be keeping class sizes small so the student to instructor ratio is no more than 4 to 1. We want to make sure you are getting the information and the feedback you need to progress. Our programs are based on building competition ready dogs; however, good news is that we found the behaviors we need to be successful in the ring and also the behaviors most everyone wants in their home. We help you learn what has worked for us, and aim to train your dog to fit nicely into your family.

Our members are active in competitive dog sports and multiple dog sport venues. Instructors are also active in dog sports, and they frequently attend seminars to learn new training methods so that they can bring back relevant information to classes. Go Dogs prides itself on being the only dog club in the Omaha area that offers classes how to train flyball, and the Omaha Speedracers is the fastest flyball team in all of Nebraska and Iowa. Agility instructors have multiple-titled dogs, including MACH (Master Agility Champion in AKC), ADCH (Agility Champion in USDAA), NATCH (NADAC Agility Champion) and C-ATCH (CPE Agility Champion), ATCH (ASCA Agility Champion) as well as competing in AKC, USDAA, CPE, and ASCA Nationals events. We are one of the only local venues that have both heat and air-conditioning for indoor training. We also have a large, flat, outdoor grass area that is used for agility classes when the weather is cooperative.

Our History