The highest concern that we all have is the health, safety and well-being of human and canine families. At this time it is unclear what the future holds. The CDC has suggested no groups larger than 50 to be gathered or a space no more than 1/3 capacity of being filled. While our classes are small, we know many of our students and instructors have health concerns or may have families at risk. We want to make the best decisions (based on science) and to proactively plan for the future.

So as of now, we are suggesting a postponement of classes until Sunday March 29 at which time we will reassess the situation. The building will remain open for individual training (TPK) following the additional precaution measures outlined below. If Go Dogs remains closed longer, we would like to hear from the students what options they prefer. Although our classes are normally quite small (10 or less), we could consider even smaller class sizes or even online instruction for some things. Clearly this is all new ground for all of us. Go Dogs is a member owned club, that means it is YOUR club, and we all want what is best for it. Together we can do this but it requires open communication, our leadership to listen, and respond to the community. Below is a list of recommendations for those who may be using the building at this time for trainer’s pass but please let us know if you have other suggestions.

  1. Stay home if you feel ill. Notify the board at any time if you feel you have been exposed and we will send an email out to the email list.
  2. No more than 4 people in the building at one time.
  3. Crate out of your car or bring your own crate. If you do use the club crates, disinfect before and after use.
  4. The club has hand sanitizer and of course soap and water is the best. Bring your own just in case we run out and you can’t find the supplies.
  5. Wipe everything you use down with disinfectant but especially door handles, light switches, the pen you use to sign in, as well as equipment. We know this is a lot but we will also see about getting extra cleaning down in the building during this time.
  6. Finally, use the club only if you are willing to take the risk. Some people are worried because they or a family member is at risk, other are not. Even if you are not, please follow all the precautions and use the building “at your own risk.”